Course 6
CATEGORY: Financial Wellness

Course 6–Protecting Your Assets

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course Overview

Protecting the financial costs of replacing the assets we have worked hard to acquire provides many with a peace of mind.  Purchasing  insurance provides the financial support and reduces the uncertainties in the event we should suffer a premature death, become disabled, critically ill, or need medical services.   Insurance also provides coverage against any sudden loss due to such things as fire, theft or accidents.

Within this course students will discover how to use insurance to protect their assets without overspending.  Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to understand the purpose of insurance and risk management by learning;

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, students will have learned:

  • Consequences of being under insured.
  • To identify common types of insurances.
  • To reduce the cost of insurance.
  • Information regarding owning and operating a vehicle.
  • How insurance and other risk management strategies protect against financial loss.
  • The impact on individual development and decision making when faced with challenges due to death or illness.
  • The importance of risk management planning.

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