Course 3 – Financial Planning

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Course 3 – Financial Planning.

There are six steps to achieving your goals;
Understand that you matter. We were all given a unique skill set. It is up to each of us to use our gifts to the best of our ability.
Change your dreams into visions by making a plan.
Know what you want: not about everything, but about one or two things. Career, Family, Finances, your Intellect, your Health, or your Social Impact. (What do you want to do—what are your skills? Who do you want to be? What are your values and character traits? How do you choose your friends, a career, or a life time spouse? What do you want to buy or have?)
Interconnect your skills, values, traits along a career path.
Break your vision quest into SMART Goals.
Apply SMARTER actions to your goals by saving, prioritizing, reviewing your plan, managing cash flow and debt, protecting assets, and building wealth. The lens that affects what we focus on is often colored by our faith, culture, community, and the friends we hang out with.
Knowing how to blend these influencers will help you successfully complete your goal. It is also important to realize that over time, your short and long term goals will change. Generally they change because of the size of the hurdle, the effort required to get over the hurdle, or diminished importance of a goal. However, don’t let these changes keep you from planning to move forward and upward. In addition, it may help to balance your measurement of happiness on a combination of things and not just:
Achieving your last goal
Finding yourself
Finding ways to have self control, show kindness, experience joy, and create a legacy showing you lived, and lived well
Improving the lives of others.


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