Course 7 – Building Wealth

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Course 7 – Building Wealth.

There are many ways we can define wealth. Whether we choose to consider ourselves wealthy by; being in great shape (physical wealth), having a support group (family and social wealth), working in a satisfying job (work wealth) or having enough money to meet our financial goals (financial wealth) we need to ensure it helps us live a happy and fulfilling life. In this course we will talk mainly about financial wealth. By helping to identify:
What financial wealth is?
What financial wealth can do for you?
The importance of using time and begin saving today
And other wealth building strategies.
Through lessons learned in other courses; setting smart goals and performing smarter actions, paying yourself 1st with budgeting, controlling debt, and protecting assets financial wealth can be created. If happiness is the euphoric feeling we get when we use our resources to achieve worthy goals like paying bills on time, buying a house, traveling, funding your retirement account, feeding people, improving community, solving problems, or freedom to do what you want when you want to do it take this course to begin defining your financial wealth today.


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