Course 10 – Building Wealth with Business Enterprises




Course 10 – Building Wealth with Business Enterprises.

As we have seen in other courses, building financial wealth and having financial security is a combination of choosing investments products and strategies to meet the needs of financial goals. Owning a business and owning real estate is another way to build wealth.

Owning a business is similar to owning shares of stocks.
A business–could be 100% owner
Shares of a Business–partial owner
Start up costs
A business–$5000 and up
Shares of a Business–as little as $50/m
A business–operation costs varies
Shares of a Business–generally 1% to 2% of investment value
A business–you must wear many hats
Shares of a Business–very little to no say in how things are run.
Following competition of this course students should understand the some components to
Being the boss of a business and responsibilities
Buying a business
Building wealth with real estate, buying a home
Renting out a room


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